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 The First Amendment On Trial

This video takes a sobering look at what has happened to the First Amendment over the past 5 decades.  There are many examples of how Religious Freedom has been eroded, which affect individuals and communities all across America.  Produced by Coral Ridge Ministries they have commentary by leading experts on the Constitution such as Christian Historian David Barton, Honorable Roy Moore, Pat Buchanan, David Limbaugh, and D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

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War on Religious Liberty

The War on Religious Liberty is a sequel video which explores how the ACLU and activist courts are stripping away our religious freedoms.  This video offers an insiders perspective on the agenda and aims of the ACLU.  The video is hosted by D. James Kennedy and includes interviews with former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, Pat Buchanan, David Limbaugh, Historian David Barton and others.

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Education & the Founding Fathers

This video clearly sets forth the educational system which produced our great Founding Fathers.  You will learn how the Bible was used as a text book and later text books all had Bible verses as part as part of the learning curriculum.  You will learn why the Founding Fathers thought it was important to teach children Religious Moral principles, something that is almost totally lacking today.

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 Foundations of American Government

This video demonstrates that the current view of "Separation of Church and State" was something never intended by the Founding Fathers.  The video reviews historical statements and records surrounding the drafting of the First Amendment.  Also the video shows what has happened statistically to our  schools since the Supreme Court rejected the Founders Intent in 1962.

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America's Godly Heritage

This video sets forth the beliefs of many of the Founding Fathers concerning the proper role of Christian principles in education, in government, and in public affairs of the nation.  Beliefs of Founder George Washington, John Adams, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, George Mason, John Quincy Adams and many others are clearly presented. 

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Pastors & Christians in Civil Government

This video tells the story of a number of pastors who were actively engaged in the American Revolution.  Pictured on the cover is Virginia pastor John Peter Muhlenberg, who preached a sermon from Ecclesiates 3, then declared "There is a time to fight, and that time has now come!"  He then removed his clerical robe to reveal a military officer uniform and led 300 men from his church to fight under the command of General George Washington.

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 The Spiritual Heritage of the US Capitol

David Barton takes us on a guided tour of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington DC pointing out the Religious significance of the paintings, sculptures, and inscriptions carved on the walls of the Capitol. The artwork and the building itself is a testament of the faith our Founding Fathers had as they built this Free Country with God's help and blessings.

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Darwin's Deadly Legacy

Darwin's Deadly Legacy takes a look at the social impact of his theory. While mounting evidence suggest that Darwin had it wrong, his theory has led to the death of millions of people.  This video shows the direct result of Darwin's theory in the ideology of Nazi Germany and the death camps.  Adolf Hitler was a disciple of Darwin and wanted to speed up the process of evolution to produce the super race of people, and eliminate the inferior races.

To learn more about the controversy of evolution visit Culture War Evolution.

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Indoctrination Video

Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn takes a trip across America interviewing whistleblower teachers, parents, concerned citizens, and religious leaders who say that schools are not religiously neutral but rather teach a secular anti-Christian view point which has children turning away from Christian Churches at graduation.  Indoctrination looks at our declining secular school system and what we should do to fix it.  2011 Gunn Productions, LLC

Communist Agenda to grind down America

Ask almost anyone and you'll hear, "Communism is dead! The Berlin Wall came down." Though the word Communism isn't used anymore, this film will show the ideas behind it are alive and well. Join Chris Bowers for a fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America's morality and freedom in an effort to grind America down. Black Hat Films 2010.

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