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Distraught Girl Free to Pray - Introduction.
The School Prayer Issue in Public Schools
School Prayer in Colonial Times until the 1960's.
School Prayer-Free to Pray & the Bill of Rights 
Socialism in Our Public Schools   
The importance of Morals in Education and Society  
The New England Primer, taught reading and morals at the same time.
Poem: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Darrell Scott - testimony before Congress. 
Columbine School shootings of April 20, 1999.  Why did students kill? 

Separation of Church & State - Thomas Jefferson 
The Myth, Separation of Church and State - The Origin of the phrase from Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptist
Thomas Jefferson - a review of his actions on religious matters.

Supreme Court Cases Supreme Court Cases - on Prayer and Bible reading in public schools.
Court Rulings - Three key court cases on School Prayer

Checks & Balances Altering the First Amendment - The Supreme Court's adds an Exception Clause.
Ten Commandments - The Battle for the Ten Commandments in Alabama.

Courts Impact on our Schools Impact on our Schools of banning Religion.  
          History of Religion in American Schools  

Quotes Founding Fathers - John Adams Quotes from the Founding Fathers - The Importance of a Moral society.

Censorship of Speech Freedom of Speech and Censorship - as a result of Supreme Court rulings.

Majority Rule - Washington praying The Tyranny of the Minority - and the ACLU.
The Pledge of Allegiance case from California.
Bill O'Reilly's commentary on ACLU & the secularist agenda.

free2pray summary - Lincoln with son Summary and Conclusion - of the Free to Pray Web Site.
Samual Thompson's In God We Trust 
The Justice System, Activist Judges and a Proposed New Constitutional Amendment.
Getting Involved - Reference Books Getting Involved - Actions you can take 

Communist Goals to distroy American Culture, society and government. 
The true story of how the Communist removed Prayer from Public Schools.  

George Washington portrait, hang it in your home so your kids and grandkids will learn about our 1st president.
George Washington's Farewell Address  
Reference Books  and Videos used as source material on this site.
Legal Help  - If your town, city or school system comes under attack from the ACLU or Americans United for Seperation of Church and State, on First Amendment Freedoms then you will want to contact these Firms. 
State Preambles,  The words 'God', 'Almighty God', 'Creator', and 'Ruler of the Universe' are contained in every State Constitution.  Also the Declaration of Independence states we derive our Freedoms from our Creator.    
Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution
Bill of Rights

Petition to the government  
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