Failing Public Schools dominated by Socialism and Humanism
For over 300 years Americans taught their children Christian values from the Bible such as the Ten Commandments.  In 1962 the ACLU was able to remove School Prayer and Bible reading from our schools, which have lead to a high teen pregnancy rate, which leads to poverty, and record numbers of American on food stamps.   As school test scores nosed dived, teen crime has risen, and increasing number of students are gunned down.  Federal Schools are a total failure.   

Failing Public Schools
Dominated by Secular Socialism

From the book The 'Naked Communist' published in 1958: Promote socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teacher's associations.  Put the party line in textbooks.


 Supreme Court School Prayer Rulings
Supreme Court Rulings which removed God from the Classroom

Negative Impact of Court Rulings
Negative Impact on Education resulting from the removal of God from Public Schools

School Shoots rise as God is removed from Public Schools
School Shooting Deaths Rise as we remove God from schools and society. See the death chart. 

Communist remove God from Public Schools
The True Story of How Prayer was Removed from our Public Schools

Since the Naked Communist was first published, Communist have worked tirelessly to infiltrate many areas of American society.  Socialist can be found in key positions of many news media outlets and the vast majority of our educational institutions.  From grade schools into our highest universities, you will find progressive and socialist teachers, professors and administrators.  Their goal is to indoctrinate your children, turning them into socialist.  Once you have a majority of socialist living in a democracy, they will elect socialist leaders.

I have had a Progressive teacher tell me, the schools are for teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. (the 3R's.)  It is up to the parents to instruct children about faith and moral teachings.  He said teaching religion in schools is against the "Separation of Church and State."  However, our Founding Fathers felt it was very important to teach children moral values so they would become 'good honest citizens', thus making a moral society. As John Adams, pointed out;

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

So in America we taught the morals from the Bible from 1620 up to 1962.  Since we stopped teaching moral values, with Prayer and Bible readings, the moral integrity of our citizens have declined, while a wide variety of crimes, and unwed mothers has increased.

But the Socialist don't just teach the 3R's, they teach their moral code of equality and moral relativism.  This instills in our children an anti Christian set of values.

The Bible teaches, 'Honor Your Father and Mother.' Socialism teachs follow the Collective Will of Government and Society.  Socialism says, children don't listen to your parents, listen to your teachers and government.

The Bible teaches, 'Do not Steal' and 'Do not Covet your Neighbors Belongings' Socialism teachs take from the 'haves' and give to the 'have-nots'. Income re-distribution. If you or I steal, it is a crime, but if the State takes your money and gives to another person, that's OK under Socialism.

The Bible teaches, 'Love and Honor God with all your heart.' Socialism teaches there is no God, there is no Creator.  Socialist teach the Darwin theology of Natural Materialism where there is no need for a Creator God. It was the Communist ACLU that forced Creation teaching out of our schools, replacing it with Darwinism.  

Jesus taught his disciples to say 'The Lords Prayer'.  The Socialist-Communist got the Supreme Court to outlaw school prayer, saying it violated the 'separation of church and state' which is nowhere to be found in the U.S.A. Constitution. The Court said the government schools must be neutral to religion so they banned prayer, which 'established' the religion of Atheism as the National Religion in America. 

When the Bible teaches, 'Do not Steal' it implies the Right to Ownership.  You work and earn wages so you can buy your food, own a home, a car and other convinces. Communist teach the State owns everything and gives you what you need.  They decide what you can have or can not have. You are dependent on the State for all your needs.

"My goal is to destroy Capitalism and to De thrown God."  
Karl Marx, the founder of Communism

When you are told that religion and moral values are not to be taught in Public Schools, you are being lied to.  Socialism has its own set of Godless moral values being taught to your children, which run contrary to Christian morals.  After 12 years of Atheist Socialist teaching, it is little wonder, young people leave the church. 
Socialism: A system of social organization where ownership and control of industry, capital, and the land is by the community as a whole.  

Communism:  A government system where the State owns and controls industry, capital, and property.    

Author David Horowitz  whose parents were Communist, said "From time to time, they would call themselves, Progressives, Liberals, or Socialist because most Americans are against Communism."
Progressive,  Liberal, Socialist, and Communist are so closely linked as to mean basically the same thing.

Today many in the Democratic Party call themselves Liberals or Progressives.

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism
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