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Freedom of Religion and Prayer are closely related the the Freedom of Speech and that is probably why our Founding Fathers linked the two freedoms in the same amendment.

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Censorship (sen'ser*ship'), n. 1. act of censoring, to examine books, plays, film, etc., to suppress anything objectionable.  2. the office or power of a censor.
Also included in the First Amendment is the "Freedom of Speech" clause. This American concept was added to the Bill of Rights to keep Democracy healthy. It promotes a free exchange of ideas, allowing people to examine ideas from all angles. An informed public can wisely make intelligent choices to govern the Country.

Prayer is a form of speech. The Supreme Court has ruled that prayer in certain defined places is unconstitutional. This ruling is in direct opposition to the Freedom of Speech clause of the First Amendment. It is nothing more then a form of Censorship. The Court has put itself in the position of deciding what can be said or not said, and this becomes a form of thought control. By so ruling on School Prayer, the Supreme Court has become as, Dr. D. James Kennedy says, the National Censorship Board. The court has Legislated what is permissible to say, and taught in our schools and what is not permissible. The Court decides what the school curriculum should be, and text books have thus been altered to accommodate this censorship. Editing out parts of text books starts a revision of history and an alteration of the truth.

We as a nation have gone to war with countries that have instituted Censorship. The evils of censorship are apparent in countries where it is practiced. It generally serves the interest of those in power to keep the general population in the dark as to what is really going on.

Censorship is the tool of dictators, and an enemy of Democratic Republics. 
Limiting Free Speech, chokes the free flow of ideas which our educational system should welcome. Outlawing Prayer is the same as outlawing the Freedom of Speech. Outlawing the Freedom of Speech is unconstitutional and contrary to our national tradition of Freedom and Liberty. Once a government abolishes one Freedom, it becomes easier and easier for them to abolish another one. The Courts destruction of the First Amendment can easily lead to doing away with other articles in the Bill of Rights.

In the 2007 U.S. Congress introduced a new Bill which aims to further limit Free Speech!  This Bill is the Hate Speech Crimes Bill.  If passed it would define Hate Speech as a Crime; thus, anyone who quotes the Bible declaring certain actions as sin, will be guilty of a crime and could be fined or imprisoned.  So if a citizen says that Homosexuality is a sin as stated in the Bible, you will be breaking the law!  This would put most  Christians at risk for simply stating their beliefs.  The First Amendment, Freedom of Speech would take another hit and then maybe we should, then just abandon the First Amendment all together!  America will not be able to take the moral high ground in world opinion when it is no longer able to declare evil as evil.  
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