First Amendment - Freedom of Religion
Some would say the Warren Court disregarded the Free expression of Religion and Free Speech in the Bill of Rights, and this is how the 1962 Supreme Court would treat the Constitution.  They replaced the First Amendment with the phrase "Separation of Church and State".

The Supreme Court alters
the First Amendment
by adding Exception Clause

The Supreme Court is always in danger of creating
new defacto law if it fails to follow the Constitution of the United States.

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This appears to be what happened with the 3 sighted cases of 1962 and 1963. The Supreme Court in effect added an exception clause to the First Amendment.  The exception clause in effect said you are free to worship, pray, or read the Bible except if you are on school property.  Altering the First Amendment with an exception clause is not within the powers of the Judicial Branch of the Government. Article V of the Constitutions defines the process by which the Constitution can be altered.* Sadly, the Supreme Court has repeated the same mistake in numerous cases since 1962.


How have these cases impacted our school system and society? As you will see on the next page it has had a very negative effect.

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* Article V : Any amendments (changes) made to the Constitution requires 2/3's approval of both Houses of Congress and then the proposed Amendment must be ratified by the Legislatures of 3/4's of the states.  You can read a full copy of the Constitution at the end of this Web Site.

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